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By using Kluge & Partners to find your employees, you avoid:

  • Incorrect recruitment, leading to employee replacement

  • Inefficient time usage

  • Poor results

  • Lack of objectivity

  • Errors as a result of inexperience

  • Last but not least, lost profits


Kluge & Partners is uniquely experienced in recruitment. We can guarantee potential clients within the ICT sector the provision of capable employees. At the same time, we will act as your trusted advisor, suggesting improvements, listening to your ideas, and answering your questions on employee development.



We have provided more than 800 recruitment solutions in the Nordic sector.
Precision       We have very few employee replacements.
Speed      We present you with relevant candidates within three to four weeks. 
Responsibility            We only take assignments that we can fulfill within the agreed upon time frame.
Security      We offer a 12-month guarantee for managers and a 6-month guanrantee for other employees.
Focus              We work on retainer and never take on conditional fee assignments.
Results      Our years of recruitment experience and our backgrounds as leaders in the ICT sector enable us to see what is necessary for an employee to achieve the desired results. we have also kept en eye on many candidates thoughout their careers and are aware of the sector's movers and shakers.

Choosing a recruitment partner is like deciding to expand your business. It is vital that we are keen to help our clients: A person’s job is a major element in his or her life, and we therefore view it as uncondonable to recruit employees for companies in which we do not ourselves have faith.

The best collaborations are those in which we feel capable of acting as ambassadors for our clients. This is achieved through a long-term partnership in which we get involved in the client’s recruitment strategy and business plan.

It is also essential for us that all candidates are treated with respect and have a positive experience, whether or not they get the job. Rejected candidates will be told why they did not get the job and how they can improve. 



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