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In the words of Jacques Chaize, "The door to change opens inwards." An assessment can help unlock this door. 



Assessments aim to determine a team’s strengths, weaknesses, resources, and potential. The resultant managerial tool is useful for navigating toward and achieving the company’s targets. 

The assessment process can clarify and perhaps substantiate a company’s preexisting assumptions as well as provide an opportunity to identify new possibilities and see the team in a new light. This process can likewise provide the basis for an open discussion of changes or new initiatives. Kluge & Partners ensures an objective evaluation, both of the employees individually and of the team as a whole. The assessment’s results will be communicated both in person and in writing, with emphasis on areas for further development relative to the requirements of a specific employee skills set. We can later assist in developing an action plan.


Kluge & Partners utilise a variety of tools during an assessment, including various types of TESTS that can be administered either individually or together, all dependent on the task at hand. Subsequent COACHING can help ensure that the assessment’s recommendations are integrated into the company’s work process. 



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