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To help you towards your new job, we have developed a template for your inspiration.

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CV inspiration

There are a variety of opinions as to how a CV should be constructed and even more as to how a CV should be constructed. We have read thousands of CVs and are thus happy to advise you on crafting the perfect document. CVs used for recruitment are not accompanied by an application for a specific job: Therefore, it is necessary that such a CV can stand alone and make your case on its own.


Update your CV throughout your life. Otherwise, you risk forgetting about particular courses, achievements, assignments,

Be honest and avoid exaggeration. 

Be concise. Focusing on that which is most significant and which will help you obtain your next job.

The overall impression your CV makes it important. Make sure that there are no typos or spelling errors. This is your personal sales letter, which should draw attention to you and express your personal brand.

Introduce the CV with a brief résumé setting forth your skills and achievements.

A photograph is a good idea to include in the CV. This personalises your profile. Additionally, visual aids make information 80% more memorable, and in the case of CVs, being remembered is what counts.

The future is indeed affected by your goals and ambitions, try to describe what type of job you imagine for yourself.

Contact information should include home (rather than business) telephone numbers and e-mail addresses so that you can be contacted in case you move jobs in the interim.

Changing jobs is natural enough and to be expected. However, if you have changed jobs frequently, it is helpful to state a reason, especially if this is on account of a fusion or corporate purchase.

Personal information about your hobbies, family, and so on contribute to showing who you are as a person.


  • Education, courses, qualifications, and technical skills (if applicable)
  • Previous jobs, areas of responsibility, and achievements
  • Skills, clients, sectors, language skills
  • What motivates you
  • References

To help inspire you, we have created a form for download from the menu to the left. Feel free to use this as a template for your new CV.


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