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Bo Gyldenvang - Country Manager - BMC

BMC Nordics has used Kluge & Partners as our primary recruiting agency over the last two years, with great success. BMC has grown in all four Nordic countries, in both Direct Sales, Pre-sales and  consulting Services. Kluge & Partners has with a very high success rate, managed to fulfill our demands in all three area. We have received a constant flow of highly skilled candidates, which has secured BMC to grow on Headcounts, as planned. As a hiring manager, it is important for me to know that my recruitment partner understands our business and requirements for candidates. Because Kluge & Partners has a very good understanding of this, I have a very high success rate on first interview, which make me more successful. Due to my partnership with Kluge & Partners, I spend a minimum on time on recruitment, but still manage to hire top quality candidates in time.


Bo Gyldenvang 
Country Manager -  BMC Nordics Denmark & Sweden

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