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Jannie Kluge


Kluge & Partners

Possesses the best network within the Nordic region’s ICT sector. This is a benefit for both clients and candidates.

About Kluge & Partners

Kluge & Partners was founded in 2003 with the aim of building a strong and capable recruitment agency within the Nordic ICT sector. This goal has most definitely been achieved.

As these pages show, our core competences lie within recruitment and assessments.

Our background in the ICT sector and our experience in recruiting for this sector since 1998 makes Kluge & Partners exceptionally skilled at finding the best employee for a particular post. We talk “techie” and understand how important it is that an employee’s technical abilities and personal values match the employer’s needs.

We have worked in ICT since 1982 and have observed the sector’s successions of purchases, fusions, bankruptcies, and personalities. We are always open to learn about new and developing aspects of ICT.

It is important that our clients and candidates recognise our professionalism and feel comfortable working with us. Our attitude and work environment are inspired by our strong belief that dialogue concerning personal career goals is best fostered by a natural and unimposing atmosphere.


To be a strong and trustworthy partner and advisor, contributing to the construction and development of excellent result-oriented teams.  


To be a healthy company, built upon such values as Enthusiasm, Energy, Openness, and Trustworthiness. 

Kluge & Partners A/S    Store Stranstræde 20  DK-1255 Copenhagen K    Phone: +45 70 23 50 90    info@kluge-partners.com