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Career Options

Kluge & Partners keep a candidate database that you can choose to join. If you are interested, please send your CV and a few lines describing your dream job to info@kluge-partners.com.

When we interview you as a candidate, it will either be for a specific job or as an introductory discussion in order to determine whether Kluge & Partners might be able to offer you appropriate career options in the future. 


What is your professional background?
Why have you made the choices you have?
Which foci, roles, and responsibilities have you had?
What have you achieved?

What are you like as a person?
What motivates you?
What are your abilities?
What are your values?

What do you see yourself doing in the future?
What is your dream job, and why is it your dream job?
Is your dream job realistic?
What are your goals?

Companies thrive best when they have integrated and well-defined targets, strategies, and business plans that guide employees in the right direction.

In the same way, an employee ought to have his or her own personal business plan, one that is regularly updated and revised: What is my vision? My goal? Am I qualified to achieve my goal? What motivates me? Is there a knowledge gap? How can I gain more knowledge and further educate myself?

Maybe you are looking for a job and need neutral advice. Is the job right for you, and how can you get yourself considered for the post?

Kluge & Partners can help you answer some of these questions.

Kluge & Partners A/S    Store Stranstræde 20  DK-1255 Copenhagen K    Phone: +45 70 23 50 90    info@kluge-partners.com