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After having worked with many types of tests in the past, SHL was an obvious choice. We use and are certified in:

OPQ32 – Occupational Personality Questionnaire MQ – Motivation Questionnaire 360° Feedback Evaluation.


This is one of the world’s leading occupational personality tests and is grounded in over 25 years of research in 20 lands and 40 industrial sectors. OP32 measures aspects of behaviour that are crucial to performance potential— For example, it identifies an individual’s preferred work styles.

We use OPQ32 during recruitment when a client wishes to supplement our own comprehensive research, personal meetings, and review of references. The questionnaire results can be used to judge how well an individual will deal with the demands of the job and how well he or she will fit into a particular team or work environment. The test itself involves the individual being asked to what extent he or she agrees or disagrees with various statements. The individual is furthermore asked which statements best and worst describe him or her. We also use OPQ32 in assessments.  


We use MQ as part of assessment processes and career coaching in order to better understand which tasks and situations increase or decrease an individual’s motivation. This can be used to determine whether someone is in the right niche as far as employment is concerned as well as how workplace conditions influence the individual’s motivation. The responses have nothing to do with intelligence, ability, or proficiency; they concern motivation alone.

360° Feedback Evaluation

This fantastic assessment tool provides insight into how a manager or management group is perceived by itself and others in relation to a series of specific job-related skills. The focus person is evaluated by his or her boss, board of directors, peers, employees, and external collaborators/suppliers as necessary. Seeing the gap between an individual’s self-image and how he or she is viewed by others provides an excellent point of departure for considering that individual’s strengths and aspects where further development is needed. We administer the entirety of the 360° Feedback Evaluation via our web-based questionnaire and ensure 100% confidentiality for all respondents. The results are subsequently presented by our experienced consultants.

Although tests are not a complete solution in themselves, they can function as useful tools for creating an open and deeper dialogue concerning employees.

We hold a coaching certificate from ICF (International Coach Federation). Combined with our NLP Master status, Enneagram qualification, and years of managerial experience, this makes us exceptionally qualified for undertaking assessment processes.

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