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We can help you liberate your potential. 


We offer three different forms of coaching


Building on coaching meetings, target setting, and accompanying the salesperson on visits. Kluge & Partners feels that it is important that the salespeople we have recruited are given the best conditions for success. This is why we now offer Sales Coaching as part of our recruitment package.


Companies thrive best when they have integrated and well-defined targets, strategies, and business plans that guide employees in the right direction. In the same way, an employee ought to have his or her own personal business plan, one that is regularly updated and revised: What is my vision? My goal? Am I qualified to achieve my goal? What motivates me? What am I lacking? And what can I do to obtain what I lack? Maybe you are looking for a job and need neutral advice. Is the job right for you, and how can you get yourself considered for the post?


Coaching as part of an ASSESSMENT is a powerful tool for creating and committing to new habits. 

We hold a coaching certificate from ICF (International Coach Federation). Combined with our NLP Master status, Enneagram qualification, and years of managerial experience, this makes us exceptionally qualified for undertaking coaching.

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