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Are you an employee?

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It is our philosophy that employees are just on loan, and they should only work at a company because they enjoy doing so. As a result, we all have a responsibility to ensure that new employees quickly meet with success and continue being successful. Talent alone won’t get you there!

Responsibility for this success lies with not only the employee but also the company and us, the recruitment agency. 

Kluge & Partners stand by this responsibility and is ready to help employees during various phases of their careers. The Career/Life model below offers advice on how we can help you as an company

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We can guarantee ICT companies the provision
of capable employees. At the same time, we will act as your trusted advisor, suggesting improvements, listening to your ideas, and answering your questions on employee development.
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By using Kluge & Partners to find your employees, you avoid:
Incorrect use of time
Inadequate results
Lack of objectivity
Mistakes due to lack of experience
Poor recruitment choices and the subsequent need for outplacements
Ultimately poor financial gains

The company has to keep an eye on employee motivation and performance. Just remember that 50% of all employees who hand in their notice do so because of problems with the boss. If an employee needs to be let go, he or she should be given the grounds for dismissal. Make sure that the employee has had the necessary opportunities to improve and that these have been explained to him or her. We can help the employee with CAREER COACHING. It may be that the employee simply has not found the right niche or that the job has just become a bit of a bore. We can help the company and the employee discuss these issues, possibly breathing new life into the employee-employer relationship.   

A new employer should make sure to get in touch with the employee multiple times before he or she starts work. Send a start-up programme and make all of the practical arrangements; and, be attentive, helpful, and patient.
Be sure to set realistic goals for the initial period of employment. If you are employing a salesperson, book some meetings for him or her to help provide a successful start. Ensure that the employee is quickly integrated into the company's internal network. Place the new employee with experienced, successful co-workers so that he or she learns from the best. Invest time in the new employee - you'll recoup it many times over. We hold a follow-up meeting with the candidate after four months' employment, but even before then, we will have had multiple discussions with our client and candidate.

Successful and long-term employment is
dependent on the employee undergoing regular and planned career development. The company should therefore create career plans for its employees. This means more than just the required employee development interviews: Also important is a regular dialogue concerning training, development, and the resultant employee retention.

Kluge & Partners offers an ASSESSMENT designed to ensure the development of "the talent". We can also provide external discussions and advising on employee development.

Regardless of the type of job you have, it is
essential that you are successful! But how does one measure success? When setting a target, it is important that the target is:
Specific and Concise.
Measurable: How and When?
Attractive: Fun, Motivating, and Challenging.
Realistic: Is it achievable?
Of Fixed Duration: Give a date. 
Organic: Who will be involved in the performance targets? For example, is the organisational structure transparent?
Positively Formulated: Describe the targets in a positive manner, with an action plan. In case an employee fails to perform, it is vital that the company considers what it could have done to better support the employee.

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