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We are extremely proud of our references from clients and candidates. You can read some of them here on this page



Henriette Holmberg Olsen - Former Vice President Sales and Marketing, JAI A/S
JAI has during the last 2 years had the pleasure to work together with .. Read more...


JENS CRONVAL - Managing Director - Heidelberg
The experience we have had with the recruitment of an new Financial Officer into our organization has been outstanding.. Read more...


Apostolos Pandroulas – country Manager Greece - Symantec

Kluge & Partners has exceed our expectations in recruiting talented individuals on demanding positions within our company. Read more


Erik KAAE – Sales Director - Microsoft

My experience of working with Kluge & Partners has been highly satisfactory. Due to their many years of experience in the IT industry and their empathy, they clearly understand the profiles Microsoft are looking for... Read more


Nikolaj Wendelboe - CEO - arriva

Kluge & Partners has a unique combination of a very wide network within the IT industry and the ability to understand the exact role of potential candidates upcoming positions and challenges. Read more...


Bo Gyldenvang – Area Vice President - BMC

BMC Nordics has used Kluge & Partners as our primary recruiting agency over the last two years, with great success... Read More


Kurt bager – Ceo – netop solutions

It has been a pleasure to work with Kluge & Partners for almost 10 years. I feel that there are two things separating Kluge & Partners from the other search companies on the marked... Read more


Peter Mægbæk Madsen – Ceo – fullrate

We have successfully used Kluge & Partners to make the 360° Feedback Evaluation assessment of the management team in Full Rate. It has been a very useful and fruitful process for both the individual manager and... Read more


Mads Skalbo - Country manager - citrix sýstems

I have known Kluge & Partners for several years and I have always experienced a very high quality - both in the way they solve an agreed job, and in the quality of the candidates... Read More


Lars Bo Petersen – Sales Manager – NNIT

Until now it has been the best recruitment partner I've worked with, both in regard to my own personal carrier as well as in the future employments... Read more


Niklas Lindberg –Former Country manager - Citrix Systems

The quality of the work that Kluge & Partners delivers during the entire process, from initial candidate nominations to the selection process in, has been excellent in all years... Read more


Thomas Honoré – Former Managing Director – Oracle Danmark

I’ve experienced that the expertise and branch knowledge that Kluge & Partners A/S posses, combined with their network, puts them in a good position to recruit for Oracle... Read More


Carsten Thomsen – Former Vice President – Citrix Systems

The interaction means that Kluge & Partners has provided us with very well-defined competencies within recruitment and assessments, and has also acted as a sparring partner in the general development of... Read More


Frank Gamsted Kaae – Manager Services – VD ProAct Systems

Employees are Proact’s most important asset and it is therefore essential that the recruitment process culminates in the perfect recruitment, for the new colleague as well as for Proact... Read More



Their extensive network and knowledge of the IT industry and clear understanding of the individual tasks has resulted in a number of successful recruitments. Kluge & Partners is characterized by an enormous... Read more


Jonny Klemetsen – Sales Director – Webstep

Kluge & Partners exceeded our expectations and managed to introduce us to very qualified candidates after a short period of time. For us in Webstep, Kluge & Partners appears... Read more


Jakob Høholdt – VicePresident – Proact IT Group

For me recruitment is a question about proper morals and ethics - Both in consideration to potential future employees and for the company, as well as the preferences and opportunities of the individual... Læs mere


Jacob Hein Knudsen – Vice president – 3

Kluge & Partners has an excellent network and especially in-depth industry knowledge so they can find the applicable profiles. 3 is a young and unpretentious workplace, so it is valid for us with a pleasant...Read more

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